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SOCIAL IMPACT FUNDS Changing the World.

As the world is developing after the Great Recession ( 2007 ) things are changing below the surface.The difference between equality in income has grown, but along with it has developed an interest world wide that this growth in income inequality has to be reversed and it will be the younger generation that will make this happen as they have felt the austerity of the last few years.

Changing inequality is a personal thing and it is gathering momentum within the world.

It should be a common purpose amongst all of us to make society better for all.

This can only benefit society as a whole.

Society and investors working together.


Welcome to Social Impact Funds,investing in the future of Society.Making a difference to people's lives without which they would be considerably worse off.

 A social impact fund will in the long term be one of the most successful  financial products that will benefit  society.It will fill the gaps society needs filling but does require strict principles and strong management.

As the Government steps back from being relied on for everything to do with Society we need to take more responsibility in helping each other and  making Society stronger by taking control of investments and setting out how we expect the direction Society would like to go.

One of the active advisors in social finance is Resonance ,who manages and develops  Social Impact Funds  Their latest project  is for City of London and Big City Project to do with homeless in the City of London and are raising funds for such.Known as The Real Lettings Fund.

As with all investing advice should only be sought from an advisor registered with the Financial Conduct Authority

As time progresses the use of a Social Impact Fund will grow.    B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk

Projects must be thought through thoroughly and have more than a good chance of success otherwise the investors will dry up.And none of use want that as all parts are required to make projects successful.

Big Society Capital and Bridges Ventures have joined together to raise £14 million in a Social Impact Bonds Fund to add the finance to social projects in the public sector especially to do with homelessness.

 This is the start of a growth in social projects  using social impact funds as a way of raising part of the capital required. Once investors start to feel confident in social projects funding will start to grow.

Social impact investing is now starting to grow but it has not yet achieved recognisabilty amongst the public as it is not reported on sufficiently enough by the media .That will come in time.

European Long Term Investment Funds also known as ELTIFs

Some of these Funds will incorporate social investment and are aimed at the High Net Worth Individual with a minimum of £10,000 to invest out of an investment fund of £100,000 which equates to 10% of their investment funds.   

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