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Within the U.K  the neglect of Social Housing has been caused by successive planning by Governments not thinking far enough ahead creating a market dominated by private landlords.

For Social Housing this is not acceptable.

Investment by institutions in the Social Housing market is growing which is very good as they look to be long term players in the market.

Within the U.K. their is a movement to raise a Social Impact Fund specifically for Social Housing to kick start the rebuilding of a structure of Social Housing in the country to form a solid base.

To allow the Social Housing structure in the U.K. to be controlled by private individual landlords is not right.

We now have to  set to and rebuild a Social Housing structure in the U.K. to provide the most basic wants of life and that is to provide safe secure housing.

Long term this should reduce costs to successive governments as the Social Housing in the U.K. stabilises.

We have plenty of brilliant politicians who will get together to help achieve this and build a better U.K.