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A)  CHEYNE CAPITAL is planning to raise as much as £300 million for a property fund called Social Property Impact Fund.It will be for investing in property projects with a positive social impact.

B)   The french insurer and investment manager AXA GROUP believes it is breaking new ground in social impact investing with its' own 150million Euro fund ,derived from its' own insurance  companies.

 Small Enterprise Impact Investing fund, managed by Oxfam and Symbiotics 

The development of projects for social needs are something that needs to be grasped by all authorities as in the future this will be the only way they will be able to fund most of their social requirements.

Social projects have more chance of success if they are run with the needs of the local society, in the area they are to happen, on board so that meens excellent communication from the word go.

Society needs to consider the implications of success or failure within any set project.There should be adjustment within any project to allow it to succeed.

As the year progresses things are changing in the social housing market .It looks as though external investors are now taking an interest.As housing associations will find their funding reduced or stopped the gap is being filled by private investors.Government legislation seems to be being altered to accomodate this.


is backing a fixed term loan issued with Midland Together  a social enterprise company that uses a little known tax break (community investment tax relief).Minimum investment is £20,000.

As more people, within the social activity world of helping to create assistance for those that are suffering deprivation,are made aware of social impact funds then they will become mainstream in peoples minds as a way of chanelling activity where it is needed.

The more people that are made aware of social impact funds will attract those skilled at every level to come together.   Setting the foundation for a social investment bank.